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Gabriel Education & Mentoring Support (GEMS)

We have very exciting news! We are in the planning stages of forming this important new ministry to assist Gabriel moms! GEMS will be a program of instructional modules for Gabriel moms who are ready to grow and move toward a more positive future.

GEMS will extend the ministry of the Great Lakes Gabriel Project by offering mothers opportunities to learn:

  • more about themselves and their Christian faith,
  • how to be better parents,
  • how to become financially disciplined,
  • how to build healthy relationships, and
  • how to take their place in the larger world of work, education and service.

Mission Statement
The goal of this ministry will be to empower Gabriel moms to appreciate their self-worth and God given abilities, to become self-sufficient, and very importantly, to strengthen the next generation.

GEMS Academy Goal
To offer mothers instructional modules in character-building and life skills, and encourage them to set personal and professional goals, while completing course work toward graduation.

We Need Your Help
We are seeking engaged and committed individuals to serve on the GEMS Advisory Board that is being formed. If you have particular expertise in fundraising, communications, logistics, education, or mentoring, please contact vickiyamasaki@goangels.com.

Donations are graciously welcomed to fund class preparation, hospitality and food, printing of materials, and GEMS candidate scholarships.